Wedding Dress Style

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When choosing your wedding dress there are no hard and fast rules as to what you should and should not wear but to know your shape and what style of dress is going to suit you the best is the first step in deciding which is the right one for you.

The wrong style of dress can have a devastating impact on how you will look and every bride wants to feel that little bit special on her wedding day. All eyes will be on you and your dress so make sure that amazing dress you see hanging in the shop, is going to help towards giving you that perfect shape and making you feel extra special.

Look at your body and be honest with yourself. Consider your best and worse features and plan on what you don’t mind showing, or what you definitely do not want to show!

If you are not sure of your particular shape and you feel you need that extra help, take somebody who you know will be totally honest with you and try on different styles until you find the one that you are comfortable. When those parts of your body you are not happy with are disguised and your best bits are highlighted, you will then know at least which shape and style of dresses to start looking at.

Common Wedding Dress Styles

A few suggestions below may help you on that first step to finding your dream dress.

Ball Gown Silhouette Wedding Dress

One of the most traditional shapes of wedding dresses with the princess bride look of romance and wedding dreams. The Ball Gown has a fitted waist with a full skirt puffed out with layers of crinoline. The pleats and gatherings on the skirt give the dress the full look of a ball gown.

This style of dress is best for slim brides as it adds curves. For those with a pear shape look, the skirt does wonders to flatter the waist line and taking the thigh look away. Not for the petite woman. Small frames can be overloaded with the fullness of the skirt.

empire line wedding dress

Empire Line Wedding Dress

This style of dress is usually straighter than the A-lines without being too figure hugging. The waistline starts just underneath the bust with a seam which falls away to the floor, giving the wearer that ultimate romantic poise

For those with smaller breasts this gown can work wonders while the long ‘A’ line gives the more petite the appearance of added height. Another advantage of this style of dress is to help with concealing wide hips.

Stay clear of this type of dress if you are tall as it will add inches to your height and this is not the dress for those that are blessed with a perfect figure, unless you do not wish to show of your curves.

fishtail wedding dress

Mermaid Line or Fishtail Wedding Dress

This style is figure hugging, shaping the waist and hips before nipping in at the knees. The mermaid or fish tail comes from the material at the back of the dress that begins at the top of your thighs before flaring out and opening up into the fan shape once it reached the floor.

This dress gives the ultimate sexy look and shows off the body as nature intended and accentuates a curvaceous figure.

This dress is not suited to a protruding stomach or big hips. It should be avoided unless you have an hourglass figure.

full skirt wedding dress

Full Skirt or Ballerina Wedding Dress

The full skirt shape of the Ballerina dress will give a bride that is slimmed hipped and full busted that fairytale look. The full skirt is another style used in wedding gowns that gives the romantic shape and feeling to any bride.

Petite brides can look as if they are disappearing into this ballerina style dress and your busts will look smaller which is another reason not to choose this dress if you are small busted. The full skirt will make already wide hips appear much bigger.

column wedding dress

Column Wedding Dress

This sleek modern line is very straight and seamed on the waistline. It can be quite figure-hugging and would suit the slim and/or taller bride. It can also be suited to the petite bride because of the unbroken line. This style of dress aptly named the Column is the one to give you that catwalk look.

Because of the streamlined appearance this style of dress can be worn well by pregnant brides.

Avoid this dress if you have fuller hips as they will be emphasised more with this style.

halternekc wedding dress

Halter Neck Wedding Dress

The halter-neck dress can be in either a single strap that is wrapped around the neck or a collar with straps. This style can be used to cover up or show off the breasts and can help the underarm ‘pouch’ instead of it being hampered by a sleeve. Athletic shapes can look great in halter-necks and will give added height to the petite shape.

If you are curvy with a big bust this style of dress will make you look top heavy and can emphasise your hips. Avoid halter-necks if you are pear shaped as it really will make your bottom look bigger.

asymmetrical wedding dress

Asymmetrical Wedding Dress

A particularly striking and unusual looking style, the asymmetric design can show off beautiful shoulders and toned shoulders to their best and gives that extra help in obtaining that ‘nipped in waist’ look. An all round style that the right figure can look stunning and sophisticated.

The asymmetrical dress will divert attention from bigger bottoms to your upper body and if the wearer is on the curvy side the full skirt will balance their shape. To help hide those fuller hips this style of dress can be a godsend.

This asymmetric strap design will distract from square shoulders and give them that softer look.

two peice wedding dress

Corset and Skirt, Separate or Two-Piece Wedding Dress

The two piece dress works well at tapering the bodice in to the waist giving an emphasis to busts and waists for those that are curvy or petite. Tall brides can appear shorter by wearing two different colours or patterns with separates.

A corset will emphasis hips so avoid wearing one if you are pear shaped and fuller tummies do not look good if you have a midriff showing. Athletic body shapes are also not really suited to this type of dress.

bias cut wedding dress

Bias Cut Wedding Dress

This style is the most modern of all. Cut on the cross and quite straight it can be very flattering and figure hugging if worn by the right body shape. Very slim tall and petite brides can be given a slim fit silhouette look with this style.

Pear shaped bodies are not suited to this style as it will cling to hips.


Your Most Important Dress .

wedding dress 2Your wedding dress is probably going to be one if not the most important dress you will ever wear and above all remember to chose the dress you want! Everybody has their own opinions but don’t let anybody bully you into the wrong dress where you may end up regretting it for a long time.

Ignore disparaging comments about meringues, bo-peep and ice queens and just consider what you like and what will suit you.

Many brides have said they have ‘known’ when they put it on that it was the right dress for them.

Take advice, but listen to yourself and once you have decided what you want go out there and find your perfect dream wedding dress!