Wedding Cake Toppers - Part II

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wedding cake topperNon Edible Mass Produced Wedding Cake Toppers

Of course we all know about plastic, and there are a wide variety of wedding cake toppers on the market, whether they be of traditional Bride and Grooms, love birds, fairy tail castles or humorous styles such as a Bride with a fishing line catching her Groom or the Bride pointing a shotgun at her Groom etc. With good research and sometimes word of mouth there are plenty for you to choose from and they can be kept forever. But sometimes you just can't beat the personalised touch!

Sparkling Wedding Cake Toppers

Not everyone wants to have a cake topper at all, or a cake decorated with flowers. Some Brides are opting for a classical simple cake with decorations of pearls or having more of a 'bling' effect by using cake jewellery. This can give the cake an eye catching look without being over the top. A glittering tiara could adorn the top of the cake or crystal chandeliers could dangle from a crystal cage. If you like your sparkle your cake can be as modest or as showy as you wish.

Flower Wedding Cake Toppers

Some Brides are choosing to have fresh flowers on their cakes instead of the traditional Bride and Groom toppers. The look of fresh flowers arranged on and around the cake, all in a colour scheme to match the Bride's bouquet and the wedding party give a stunning effect. Silk flowers are also popular as not only are some of them so realistic but make a wonderful keepsake, plus a better choice of flowers out of season can be used.

Seasonal/Special Date Wedding Cake Toppers

Depending on the date of the wedding, couples could opt for a cake topper to match their theme, such as hearts and roses on Valentines Day, Pumpkins or Witches for Halloween, snowmen and holly bushes for Christmas etc. Alternatively, what about designing a topper that represents a special moment for the couple? A replica of the building where they met, the lake where the proposal was made or even their favourite sculpture or piece of art, something to make that special day even more special and unique.

Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers

Footballers seem to like having their monogram (i.e. Initials) on everything, from their towelling robes to the head rests of their cars. The linking or joining of two people's monograms has always been a sign of togetherness, the joining of names, and symbolising their partnership and entwining relationship. Monograms are important symbols and we are surrounded by them, most of which go unnoticed until mentioned, we do not seem to understand the impact of a monogram, for example, all of the red post boxes have the initial ER on them which represents the reigning monarch.

Monograms can be made from edible or non-edible materials and can be as subtle or as statement making as required. Whether they be the initials of the Christian names of the newlyweds entwined, or their new, shared surname initials adorning the top of the cake (which could also be themed throughout the wedding reception such as on napkins and favour boxes etc) the type of monogram, i.e. whether they be classical design fonts, bold contemporary fonts, plain, sparkly or made from flowers shaped around letters made of wire, the significance of the monogram, its symbolism to the newlyweds and the message to all who view the cake topper will most certainly not be missed.

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