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  Delivering Wedding News, Advice and Competitions      Issue 041 - 27th July 2009

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  • Relaxation Treatments
  • Having Second Thoughts?
  • Postpone, Move or Cancel
  • Hen Party - Driving Activities
  • Stag Weekend Theme Ideas
  • Olwyn's Real Wedding Story

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  •  Top Tip!
  •  Featured Supplier
  •  Competition Time!
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    Welcome To Our Newsletter

    beauty treatment

    Here is the 41st Edition of our newsletter - our first article is looking at relieving stress through the use of beauty and relaxation - if you are starting to feel the pressure then this is a must read to get you back on track.

    If the stress has got too much for you, perhaps you have been having second thoughts? If so, we offer some words of advice to help you through this difficult time. The outcome of your thinking may lead you to postpone, change the date or cancel your wedding - if this is the route you are going to go down then we offer some advice on how to make this emotionally challenging decision.

    If you have not decided on your Hen party yet why not consider having some driving fun, whether it be racing cars, go-kart's or 4x4 cross country it can be a fantastic day. We take a look at some ideas. If you are the stag then have you thought about having a theme for your stag weekend? We have lots of ideas to help you create a theme to maximise your fun.

    Last, but by no means least, we have the real wedding story from Olwn's, telling us about her wonderful wedding to Ray.

    We really do hope the advice here helps out with your wedding planning and if not, please tell us what you want to know about!

    Katherine, David & Pauline (Something to say - tell us!)


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    Stress Relieving Beauty Treatments

    beauty treatment

    Avoiding stress is obviously your main concern but there are a few things to look out for which may make you think that you need some tranquility put back into your daily routine. 

    There are so many ways to relax in order to feel stress free on your wedding day and different things work for different people. 

    For some it might be a complete body massage whereas for others, it might be a gentle game of golf. 

    Read the full Stress Relieving Beauty Treatments Article article

    How to Cope with Second Thoughts

    makcoping with second thoughts

    The majority of people are certain they want to marry their partner and in fact not a single doubt crosses their mind but for a lot of people having second thoughts about their up and coming marriage is a natural process. 

    You are bound to feel scared and worried and question whether you are doing the right thing.  Committing yourself to one person for the rest of your life can be extremely daunting for some people.

    Having second thoughts about the dress you have decided on or the jewellery you want to wear pale in significance in comparison to the second thoughts a lot of brides-to-be have just before their wedding day.  Of course it is not just the bride that has these feelings of doubt, many grooms-to-be also get cold feet and begin to doubt their decision.

    Read the full How to Cope with Second Thoughts article

    How to Postpone, Move the Date or Cancel your Wedding

    change your wedding date

    No bride wants to cancel or postpone her wedding day, especially if all the arrangements have been put into place but sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances things don’t always go to plan and it has to be done.

    Getting married is not something most couples take lightly so changing their wedding date is a major decision.  

    It is important to be honest with your feelings as it’s a life long commitment for you and your partner so while you may try to consider your guests and family members, you and your partner are what count at the end of the day.

    Read the full Postpone, Move or Cancel article

    Hen Weekend - Driving Activities

    racing driver

    Not every bride wants to celebrate their hen weekend with a few days pampering or a meal with friends with a night out clubbing.  

    Some brides, and their friends, might enjoy the rush of a completely thrilling experience of a driving activity.

    Women drivers are always getting a bum deal when they are referred to but in fact, women drivers are actually safer drivers on paper than men are, so why shouldn’t a woman’s weekend away involve driving through the mud and over terrains that they wouldn’t normally drive around? 

    Read the full Hen Weekend - Driving Activities article

    Stag Weekend Theme Ideas

    stag theme

    Planning a stag night does not always involve the groom, most of the time the best man and/or the groomsmen will have some input into the planned activities. 

    Bearing in mind the hobbies and likes of the groom, the stag night should incorporate the groom's interests whether it be a night in the pub with friends and family or a wild night clubbing.

    Unless the groom is adamant about the type of stag party he wants, then the sky is the limit as to what theme you can choose. 

    Read the Stag Weekend Theme Ideas article

    Your Wedding, Your Story
    Olwyn & Ray


    It had been a busy day and I finally had some time to myself after making sure everything was at the hotel, Ray and Craig (his brother) and Best Man suits, the place cards etc – my trust was now left in the hands of the hotel.

    I had already been over to the church to attach the pew ends with my sister-in-law and put the younger bridesmaids who were staying at my house to bed – I eagerly awaited the arrival of my daughter for a few quiet drinks and a chin-wag.  Alas she never made it and a phone conversation with Ray a little later in the evening soon left me in a slight panic.....

    Read the store of Olwyn and Ray's wedding

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    And Finally...

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    Well, that was it - our 41st edition. We have tried to incorporate some of your suggestions following the first editions, and like before, I would welcome your comments, positive or negative (as long as constructive), so if you are one of the few people that are reading this bit (anybody?), please let me know via the forum here if you have anything to say.

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