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  Delivering Wedding News, Advice and Competitions      Issue 044 - 25th Sep 2009

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  • Buying Your Dress Online
  • Measurements for Groom
  • Wedding Colour Scheme
  • Decorate Your Wedding Car
  • Hen Party in Budapest
  • Daisy's Real Wedding Story

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  •  Top Tip!
  •  Featured Supplier
  •  Competition Time!
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    Welcome To Our Newsletter

    wedding gift

    Here is the 44th Edition of our newsletter - our first article is looking at buying your wedding dress online, then onto the measurements the groom needs to ensure a great fitting outfit.

    For the more adventurous brides and grooms we look at how to decorate both your venue and your wedding car.

    FInally we look at taking a hen party to Budapest and enjoy the real wedding story of Daisy and Cory.

    We really do hope the advice here helps out with your wedding planning and if not, please tell us what you want to know about!

    Katherine, David & Pauline (Something to say - tell us!)


    This week our competition prizes are ;

    1. £25 to Spend in the Wedding Chaos Shop

    Entry Details

    This edition is sponsored by Wedding Toppers - unique and personalised figurines, custom made to your specifications.

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    Buying Your Dress Online

    wedding dressIt is possible for a bride-to-be to know instantly the right dress for her just by looking at a picture on the screen of her computer. 

    No trawling round bridal shops to try on endless dresses and no humming and arring about what style of dress suits you or makes you look too heavy or too slim. 

    If this sounds like you then purchasing your dress online could be the option for you. Buying your dress should be a momentous occasion in your life and it could be the most expensive item you ever buy. 

    Read the full Buying Your Wedding Dress Online article

    Measurements for Groom

    grooms outfitThe groom is just as an important figure in a wedding as the bride-to-be, well maybe not in the bride's eyes but still, he is and therefore he needs to feel just as comfortable and look just as fabulous as the bride will.

    In order to achieve this, he must be dressed in a good fitting outfit.

    Once you have decided on the theme of your wedding then it is vital that you, the groom, organise your wedding attire.  It does not have to be months and months in advance of the wedding date as for the bride but there should be plenty of time to pick an outfit, have any alterations made that need doing and enough time for perhaps a final fitting nearer the wedding allowing for a little time in case further adjustments need to be made.  It is not only the bride that can lose or put weight on before the big day!

    Read the full Measurements for Groom article

    Wedding Colour Scheme

    wedding colour schemeOnce the decision has been made to get married, the theme and colours that go along with the wedding are very important to any couple. 

    There are many reasons why they might want to choose a particular colour to work with and it is not a decision to be taken lightly. 

    Whatever colour you decide on will set the whole tone for your special day.  The colour or shades will be included in almost every aspect from the bride's dress, the groom's waistcoat and tie, the car, the cake, the favours, the invitations, the table decorations and of course your flowers and buttonholes.

    Read the full Choosing your Wedding Colour Scheme article

    Decorate Your Wedding Car

    wedding car To add another talking point to your wedding, why not consider having your wedding car decorated to show everyone that you have just tied the knot! 

    For some weddings, this may not be possible but if you have the chance to, and have permission from the owner to modify the car slightly, then why shouldn’t you bring your own personal touch to your wedding transport.

    Usually the bride and groom are not involved in decorating the car.  Many years ago this would have been done as a prank by the groomsmen, mainly the best man, in order to embarrass the young couple who have no option but to get in the car as it would be their last means of transport.  Nowadays there is no reason why the newlyweds can't have a say in what goes on the car.

    Read the full Decorating the Wedding Car article

    Hen Party in Budapest

    budapest If you want your hen party weekend to be a trip abroad that is filled with luxury, culture and beauty then why not try the capital and largest city in Hungary.

    Budapest is approximately two hundred square miles and has a population of over three million people.  With the Danube running through the city it is considered to be beautiful if not one of the most stunning cities in Europe and the twenty million visitors that visit the city every year would probably agree.

    Budapest is home to the second oldest underground railway in Europe as well as the largest thermal water cave system in the world.  With other wonderful natural features such as the geothermal springs, the Museums within the locality and its night-life it is no wonder that Budapest is regarded as the liveliest city in Central Europe.

    Read the full Honeymoon in Budapest article

    Your Wedding, Your Story
    Daisy and Cory

    daisy Friday the 4th of September.

    I hope you all have a cup of tea to hand ... Or a glass of wine lol !!

    The Friday morning I got up and got my wee boy ready for school, he was bouncing about laughing, and so excited that his mummy and daddy were getting married the following day, and he’d be wearing a very smart suit, just like his daddy.

    I was feeling a lot better now I’d managed to talk him out of wearing a pretty dress, just like mummy’s (lmao). My OH had taken the Friday off work too, as he had a few bits of running about to do. He took wee man to school whilst I went and had my nails done.

    Read the store of Daisy and Cory's wedding

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    Tip of the Issue

    A lot of women are concerned about the top of their arms looking fat in their wedding photos....

    Read here to find out about this Chaos Top Tip

    Thanks to lovelybird62 (Melissa) for that Top Tip :)

    If you have any great tips please let us know on the forum

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    Competition Time!

    The competition prizes in this edition are ;

    1. £25 to Spend in the Wedding Chaos Shop

    The closing date for this competition is 6pm on Saturday 3rd October 2009.

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    And Finally...

    A quick mention about our Blog- if you have not registered yet, you can do so here.

    Well, that was it - our 44th edition. We have tried to incorporate some of your suggestions following the first editions, and like before, I would welcome your comments, positive or negative (as long as constructive), so if you are one of the few people that are reading this bit (anybody? Seriously, there must be at least one person.. hello... anybody?), please let me know via the forum here if you have anything to say.

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