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  Delivering Wedding News, Advice and Competitions      Issue 048 - 23rd Feb 2010

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  • Wear your Rings Correctly
  • Best Time for a Wedding
  • Getting Into Shape
  • Getting Married Under Water
  • Stag Party in Birmingham

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    Welcome To Our Newsletter


    Here is the 48th Edition of our newsletter - some great advice articles this edition as well as some fantastic competition prizes.

    We really hope the advice here helps out with your wedding planning and if not, please tell us what you want to know about!

    Katherine, David & Pauline (Something to say - tell us!)


    This week our competition prize is ;

    1. £50 Gift Voucher for the BHS Wedding Collection
    2. Two Copies of the Rough Guide to Weddings
    3. A pair of the Bridella and Mr Right VooDolls

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    Correct Way to Wear the Engagement & Wedding Ring

     Nowadays Brides and Grooms are wearing their engagement rings and wedding bands according to how they feel comfortable, rather than following the traditional method.

    Some wear the engagement ring first, and wedding band on top following the order that the rings were given, you get engaged, then you get married. Some don't wear an engagement ring at all with the wedding band, or indeed, some choose not to wear a wedding ring at all. 

    However, there is a traditional way to wear the rings and a customary finger on which to wear them.

    Read the full Correct Way to Wear the Engagement & Wedding Ring article

    Best Time to Have an Wedding

    best time to have a weddingEveryone has their ideal time of day that they would like to get married and it varies for each bride and groom-to-be. 

    Following are a few tit bits of advice about the best times during the day that you should consider for your wedding ceremony as well as other information to deliberate on.

    Read the full Best Time to Have an Wedding article

    Getting Into Shape for Your Wedding

     As the bride and groom, you both want to feel good on the actual day of your wedding and in order for this to happen; you need to start thinking about what you are eating and your exercise regime in the build up during the weeks before the big day.

    You should consider carefully what you are eating and take some advice from our Wedding Day Diet.  Here you can find plenty of helpful advice about what sort of foods will make you feel good and what to avoid. 

    The bride will be dreaming about her entrance into the Church, with all eyes on her and the soft murmurs spreading around the pews about how wonderful she looks in her dress. 

    Read the full Getting Into Shape for Your Wedding article

    Getting Married Under Water

    underwater weddingSo many couples want to feel a rush of excitement on their wedding day and they are resorting to extreme measures whether it is being married in a hot hair balloon or bungee jumping off a bridge while tied together and shouting "I do" on the way down. 

    Another novel idea for an extreme wedding is to get married while under water!

    You would think that only adrenalin junkies or sporty types would be interested in this type of wedding but actually it appeals to a wide variety of people and personalities.  Pretty much anyone, health permitted, should be able to enjoy this extraordinary event.

    Read the full Getting Married Under Water article

    Stag Party in Birmingham

     Birmingham is England’s second largest city and also known as the ‘Venice of the North’. 

    There are more students in Birmingham than any other UK city outside of London, and they certainly know how to party. 

    Birmingham is a modern, cosmopolitan city with cutting edge museums, theatres, galleries and has the reputation of one of the liveliest nightlife’s in the country.  It is a fantastic, fun filled location for any stag and his party to enjoy.  The choices available are endless, from the places to stay, activities, food and nightlife!

    Read the full Stag Party in Birmingham article

    Latest Blog Posts

    Have you been reading the Wedding Chaos Blog? If not, you can visit the latest posts using the links below.

    If you have not registered yet, you can do so here.

    1. Win Gel Cushions & £100 Debenhams Voucher
    2. Rough Guide To Weddings
    3. Lost Ring Found on Valentine’s Day
    4. Ever After Designs
    5. Dresses for Zambian Brides
    6. Bride’s Blood Experiment
    7. African Gay Wedding Plans Halted
    8. Wedding Photos Dumped on Tip
    9. Mass Valentine Wedding
    10. Malaysian Singer Weds on Beach

    Tip of the Issue

    Make sure you let your venue know what your wedding favours are.. because... if you dont....

    Read here to find out about this Chaos Top Tip

    Thanks to Terrie for that Top Tip :)

    If you have any great tips please let us know on the forum

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    Competition Time!

    The competition prizes in this edition are ;

    1. £50 Gift Voucher for the BHS Wedding Collection
    2. A copy of the Rough Guide to Weddings
    3. Two pairs of the Bridella and Mr Right VooDolls

    The closing date for this competition is 6pm on Saturday 6th March 2010.

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    And Finally...

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    Well, that was it - our 48th edition. We have tried to incorporate some of your suggestions following the first editions, and like before, I would welcome your comments, positive or negative (as long as constructive), please let me know via the forum here.

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