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  Delivering Wedding News, Advice and Competitions      Issue 050 - 23rd Apr 2010

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  • Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot
  • One Shoulder Bridal Dress
  • Grooms Alcohol Reduction
  • Catholic Wedding Ceremony
  • Wedding List Survival Guide
  • Honeymoon in Cyprus
  • Kate and Steves Wedding

  •  Latest Blog Posts
  •  Top Tip!
  •  Featured Supplier
  •  Competition Time!
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    Welcome To Our Newsletter


    Here is the 50th Edition of our newsletter - some great advice articles this edition as well as some fantastic competition prizes.

    We really hope the advice here helps out with your wedding planning and if not, please tell us what you want to know about!

    Katherine, David & Pauline (Something to say - tell us!)


    This week our competition prize is ;

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    This edition is sponsored by Wedding Toppers - unique and personalised figurines, custom made to your specifications.

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    Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

    pre wedding photo

    The photographs and wedding album are just as important as every other item on your wedding checklist.

    After you have researched and chosen your photographer, why not express your excitement (and probably a little bit of nervousness) in some pre wedding photo shots?

    These photos could be taken either a few days before your wedding or even as part of your engagement celebration weeks before. This informal photo shoot doesn't have to be at your wedding venue, it could be at one of your favourite locations where you might consider the scenery to be beautiful and want this to be incorporated into your pictures.

    Read the full Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot article

    One Shouldered Bridal Dress

    one shouldered wedding dressEvery bride wants her day to be extra special, to be something that everyone who attends will remember with pleasure for a lifetime. Everything must be perfect from the buttonholes to the venue and unique, exciting and different from everyone else's.

    For the bride this is of the utmost importance when choosing her dress. The dress has to make her feel and look beautiful as well as comfortable and make everyone who sees her gown jealous that they never thought of being so daring or original with their own wedding gowns, or indeed to inspire brides to be.

    There is no more dramatic or unusual design of dress which stands out above all the rest than a one shouldered wedding gown.

    Read the full One Shouldered Bridal Dress article

    Grooms - Reduce your Alcohol

    beerThere is just as much information available to assist a Groom with his upcoming wedding as there is for the Bride-to-be.

    If you are interested in finding out how you can become and stay healthy before your wedding or perhaps you have agreed with your partner that you will follow a new diet regime before your special day, then one of those benefits will include reducing the amount of alcohol that you consume!

    A Groom who reduces his alcohol intake before his wedding will certainly feel the benefits in the lead up to the day.

    Read the full Grooms Alcohol Reduction article

    Catholic Wedding Ceremony

    catholic weddingBeing one of the oldest organisations in the world, the Catholic Church can be dated back over two thousand years.

    There are believed to be well over a billion people in the world who follow the Catholic religion with around one million of those people residing in the United Kingdom.

    As the Catholic faith is one of the most established religions, it is commonly known that the Catholic wedding services are at the higher end of strictness with regard to its rules and regulations surrounding a wedding ceremony.

    Read the full Catholic Wedding Ceremony article

    Wedding List Survival Guide

    giftWhilst at university I worked part-time as a Bridal Consultant helping couples compile their Wedding Lists. Unfortunately all too often a couple would arrive on a Saturday and the woman would drag her husband-to-be reluctantly into the department store.

    She would then proceed to ask him  his opinion on some wine glasses, his response would be 'eh' as he wouldn't really be listening, but rather be trying to catch the latest football score on the radio.

    Their time in the shop together would inevitably end in an argument with the Bride-to-be feeling her husband-to-be was not being supportive enough in his contribution to helping choose items for there Wedding List.

    To avoid this, here is a pain free survival guide to how to get the most from the experience of using a department store to choose items for your Wedding List.

    Read the full Wedding List Survival Guide article

    Honeymoon in Cyprus

    cyprusEver since Anthony gave Cyprus to Cleopatra as a token of love, this luxurious Mediterranean island has been stirring passions and attracting honeymooners in search of a picturesque, sun-filled hotspot.

    Cyprus covers over 3,500 square miles and is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. The landscape is varied with golden coastlines, pine forests and even snow-capped mountains in the winter months.

    One of the most popular resorts is Paphos which is the home of the Tombs of the Kings. Its modern costal area is populated with traditional tavernas, stylish cafes and chic bars, whilst the old town is perfect for exploring its historic past.

    Read the full Honeymoon in Cyprus article

    Kate and Steves Wedding

    mel and howardSuppose it's time I told the story, so here goes... The Day Before..

    Cue the arrival on Bridesmaid 1 and my best friend Craig from deepest depths of Glasgow, and time to kick out husband to be!

    After hours of giggles bridesmaid 2 arrived as did the makeup lass to do our nails for the wedding. By the time we got our nails done (and mum came over to get hers done) it was after 9pm so we ordered Chinese and had loads of laughs until 2am!!

    The Day's Finally Arrived!!

    Read the full Story of Kate and Steves Wedding

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    If you have not registered yet, you can do so here.

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    Tip of the Issue

    Make sure you let your venue know what your wedding favours are.. because... if you dont....

    Read here to find out about this Chaos Top Tip

    Thanks to Terrie for that Top Tip :)

    If you have any great tips please let us know on the forum

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    Competition Time!

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    1. Two Bespoke Service Gift Vouchers worth £35 (more)
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    Well, that was it - our 50th edition. We have tried to incorporate some of your suggestions following the first editions, and like before, I would welcome your comments, positive or negative (as long as constructive), please let me know via the forum here.

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