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  Delivering Wedding News, Advice and Competitions      Issue 051 - 10th Jun 2010

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  • Bride - Choosing a Necklace
  • Gifts - Charity Donations
  • Stag Party - Assault Course
  • Pagan Wedding Ceremony
  • Forum Acronyms
  • Kat and Ians Wedding

  •  Latest Blog Posts
  •  Top Tip!
  •  Featured Supplier
  •  Competition Time!
  •  And Finally..

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    Welcome To Our Newsletter


    Here is the 51th Edition of our newsletter - some great advice articles this edition as well as some fantastic competition prizes.

    We really hope the advice here helps out with your wedding planning and if not, please tell us what you want to know about!

    Katherine, David & Pauline (Something to say - tell us!)


    This week our competition prize is ;

    1. Two pairs of tickets to the Scottish Wedding Show
    2. Bespoke Service Gift Voucher worth £35 (more)

    Entry Details

    This edition is sponsored by Wedding Toppers - unique and personalised figurines, custom made to your specifications.

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    Choosing a Necklace

    bridal necklace

    The date has been set, the venue is booked, the dress is chosen, and preparations are going like clockwork.

    Maybe organising a wedding isn't that difficult after all! Then along comes a 'minor' detail which stops you in your tracks.

    There are many accessories that a bride can consider but what is the right and appropriate jewellery to adorn a beautiful bride?

    Read the full Bridal Necklace article

    Wedding Gift List - Charity

    charity donations Couples, particularly those that have been living together for a period of time find that they prefer to have some form of donation given in their name rather than opt for a wedding present for themselves.

    There are so many charities and worth while causes out there that can benefit from this type of generosity and this article will give you just a couple of hints on how you can opt for the one that suits you and your partner the best.

    Read the full Wedding Gift List - Charity Donations article

    Stag Party - Assault Course

    stag party assault course Most stag parties or trips are about a night out, drinking with the boys, but how many stags actually get to remember their stag parties?

    How many wake-up the next morning feeling as if they have gone ten rounds with a world heavyweight boxing champion? How many regret what they can remember and what they can't remember?

    Well, many stags are now organising their stag party to be more about adventure, having fun, 'bonding with the boys' and having an exciting experience for the stag and his bucks to enjoy and remember for years to come.

    Read the full Stag Party - Assault Course article

    Pagan Wedding Ceremony

    pagan weddingMore and more couples are choosing to make their marriage ceremony different from the norm.

    In place of a standard wedding ceremony, couples are choosing to have Handfasting rituals performed which are based on ancient Pagan and Druid beliefs.

    Contemporary Paganism has grown in popularity during the last hundred years and its growth coincides with a decline in Christianity in Europe. This, in part, is due to an increase of knowledge relating to past and distant cultures, beliefs and practices.

    Read the full Pagan Wedding Ceremony article

    Forum Acronyms

    forum acronymsOk so you've found our website and we hope its been of great use. So why not come and join our forum and become a member of the Wedding Chaos community.

    Get to grips with Forum Speak

    If you've never used a forum before here as some of the most common Acronyms used along with some popular wedding acronyms

    Read the full Wedding Forum Acronyms article

    Kat and Ian's Wedding

    kat and ianWell it all starts on the Thursday, me and my Sister/Bridesmaid Vicki head for our spray tans with the beautician, at 9.30am!!!

    Far too early for my liking, but we get them done and then head into town to meet our Mum for dinner and a couple of glasses of wine and to chill before we had to head up to the reception venue to set everything up.

    My Brother-in-Law gave us a lift up and we start beavering away with chair covers, table centres, top table decoration and the setting up of the sweet table.

    Read the full Story of Kat and Ian's Wedding

    Latest Blog Posts

    Have you been reading the Wedding Chaos Blog? If not, you can visit the latest posts using the links below.

    If you have not registered yet, you can do so here.

    1. Pre World Cup Wedding
    2. Dissolvable Wedding Dress
    3. Best Ages to Marry
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    5. Cheap and Ship Shape Wedding
    6. Sewer Proposal
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    10. Accident Prone Bride

    Tip of the Issue

    I had an up do hair style for my wedding day and I hate when you have your hair up and....

    Read here to find out about this Chaos Top Tip

    Thanks to Stacey for that Top Tip :)

    If you have any great tips please let us know on the forum

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    We all think it's never going to happen to us but if you or your partner falls ill and the wedding gets cancelled, if the wedding dress gets damaged before the big day, your marquee is flooded, or your caterer goes out of business, help is at hand with Weddingplan wedding insurance.

    Visit the Weddingplan site today!

    Competition Time!

    The competition prizes in this edition are ;

    1. Two pairs of tickets to the Scottish Wedding Show
    2. Bespoke Service Gift Voucher worth £35 (more)

    The closing date for this competition is 6pm on Saturday 19th June 2010.

    Entry Details

    The competition is only open to Newsletter subscribers who quote their unique id, WC[id,fallback=0], so that we can identify you should you be the lucky winner.

    And Finally...

    A quick mention about our Blog- if you have not registered yet, you can do so here.

    Well, that was it - our 51st edition. We have tried to incorporate some of your suggestions following the first editions, and like before, I would welcome your comments, positive or negative (as long as constructive), please let me know via the forum here.

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