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Wedding Bridal Accessories

Never under estimate the importance of bridal accessories. It's often the little things which can really help you achieve the look you desire. A bride-to-be will often spend months trying to find the perfect wedding dress but its the bridal accessories such as the gloves, handbag, hats and shoes which can really help pull everything together. [Continued...]
Bridal Bits N Bobs
Website based business supplying handcrafted Bridal bags, dolly bags, ring cushions, wraps, stoles, capes, faux fur and bespoke items by request. Most items made to order. email for more information.
Wedding Shoes Direct
We carry a largest range of Bridal Shoes including Pink Paradox, Belle, Benjam Adams, Shades Shoes, Meadows and more. We offer a try before buy service and a proffesional shoe dyeing service.
Corset Heaven
Timeless elegance, seductive style, luxury fabrics and unrivalled service.Beautiful waist reducing corsets suitable to wear as sexy, supportive lingerie or as the head turning top of your gown.
Wedding Bridal Accessories
For example if you are after that classic bridal look then perhaps wearing gloves would go some way to helping you achieve the desired look. Handbags are a great place to hide away your lipstick, hair pins, tissues, compact mirror and anything else you might wish to make up your survival kit.

If you don't fancy wearing a tiara or veil on your wedding day but still want to cover your head, then a wedding hat would be the obvious course. With a wide choice of different styles and colours you are sure to find one which will fit with your colour theme.

Wedding shoes come in many different shapes and sizes and whether you want flip flops for a beach wedding or high heels to give yourself that extra lift there are a pair of bridal shoes with your name on them - get shopping!

Remember to bear in mind when shopping for bridal wear to buy the bridal accessories after you have purchased the wedding dress rather than the other way round, as bridal accessories should enhance the wedding dress rather than detract from it.