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Wedding Photography

Wedding photographs capture the precious moments of your wedding day, so that when you look back in years to come it will seem like it happened yesterday.
Confetti Shots
A two photographer team passionate about wedding photography - a unique mix of classic with reportage style. We capture all the details, emotion and fun of the day, whilst remaining unobtrusive.
Dale Cherry Wedding Photography
Dale Cherry Weddings offers a unique blend of reportage and traditional wedding photography. Dale captures the most memorable moments of your wedding day with his creative, yet unobtrusive photography
Wedding Photography
For many couples photographs are a perfect way to capture precious moments throughout your wedding day.

Most wedding couples will want to be able to look back through a wedding photo album and relive their wedding day.

There are a number of different styles in which wedding photographs can be taken and presented including traditional/classic, reportage/photojournalist and contemporary/fashion wedding photography.

Traditional - the photographer works through an agreed photo shot list to produce carefully posed group shots and portraits of the wedding party.

Reportage - the photographer remains in the background and will produce a record of the day in chronological order taking snapshots of the day as it unfolds. This style of photography is less formal and is currently en vogue, however it does not include posed photo shots of the wedding party which some family members may wish to see.

Contemporary - these are photographs taken with good lighting, with the creative use of the background are used to capture the spirit of the day. This style of photography is very much up to the creative and technical ability of the photographer, so trust is essential.

Before you start looking for a wedding photographer surf the internet and flick through the bridal magazines so that you can identify which style of wedding photography you like best. Then visit a number of photographers and view their portfolio of work before you make your final decision.

It is vital that you develop a good working relationship with your photographer as they will help to put you at ease on the wedding day.
Ensure that you have discussed what type of photographs you would like and whether they are able to meet your requirements.

Before you sign the contract be sure to know exactly how many photographs will be taken and how many will be placed in a photo album. Will you have the rights to the negative images or will they be the property of the photographer? Who will be taking the photographs on the day, will it be them or someone else.

Some photographers may have a preference of which colour they like to present the images in, whether it be black and white, sepia or colour be sure to enquire beforehand. Although black and white photographs can be very atmospheric it can be difficult to reproduce the same image in colour rather than vice versa, so do bear this in mind.