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Wedding Musicians & Bands - Banffshire

If you are keen on live music then perhaps you might wish to consider classical musicians or a live band for your wedding entertainment. Before you book be sure to check they have experience playing at weddings. [Continued...]
Crystal Palace String Quartet
The Crystal Palace String Quartet is a professional ensemble with many years experience providing music for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Visit our website for sound clips, repertoire list, etc.
Wedding Musicians & Bands
Music is such a key element to any wedding in helping to create the right atmosphere. Music is typically played during the wedding ceremony, during the taking of photographs and during the evening reception.

It's important to choose your music carefully to reflect the type of wedding you are hosting. For example if you plan to have a formal wedding with all the pomp and ceremony then perhaps an ensemble, quartet or soloist will work well for the occasion. If your wedding is to have more of a contemporary feel then perhaps you might wish to consider a live band. Do however bear in mind there are no hard and fast rules to choosing music for your wedding. You should have music which you like and that would appeal to a large number of your guests.

When trying to find musicians or bands for your wedding ask if they can supply a sample of their music, that way you will be able to get a feel of the music and decide whether you like it or not.

They should have experience performing at a wedding. Do they have a play list and are you able to contribute to the play list? If you are considering hiring a band find out whether guests will be able to ask for requests during the course of the bands set, as this often adds to the enjoyment of the evening.

Consult with the wedding venue with regards to the music entertainment you want for the evening.  Ensure the musicians or band liaise with the wedding venue in advance so they know exactly where to set up on the day and whether there is sufficient space.

Get a quote for their services, ask that it be itemised so that you can see exactly what you are getting for your money. For example, will the quote include travel expenses, lighting, dance floor hire?(if applicable). Do bear in mind to ensure that your performers are provided with refreshments throughout.  If they are performing during the wedding ceremony and the evening reception then it is good etiquette to provide them with a meal.